GT catalogue provides audial information (both pure audio or provided with a video track).


[GT301] Antipode - Lifeless

[GT302] ПессиОптимизм - Demo

[GT303] Benzine Squad - The Year Before Tomorrow

[GT304] Grizi Nozdri Behemota - Разукрась помадой штаны игуаны, идущей домой посрать! (remastered)

[GT305] postmeshische & pederast League - баян трассеры

[GT306] П/Н - Монстро

[GT307] d0x10 - ET3XrEZ

[GT308] П/Н - Mind Control 1

[GT309] П/Н - Mind Control 2

[GT310] П/Н - Mind Control 3

[GT311] ПессиОптимизм - СОЛяк ЯКа

[GT312] П/Н - GT (tribute to Vziel Projet)

[GT313] Vziel Projet - Strange Runes: The First Rune - Yru

[GT314] Vziel Projet - Strange Runes: The Second Rune - Cly

[GT315] Vziel Projet - Strange Runes: The Third Rune - Irf

[GT316] П/Н - Антиритм

[GT317] [dying:dust] - TES

[GT318] postmeshische - "Красные Дьяволята" /махновщина/

[GT319] Sunshine Dust - Solar Fall

[GT320] Виктор Эйчин - Брошенные Камни

[GT321] ПессиОптимизм - ПессиОптимизм (Metal Version)

[GT322] Covolux - the brown lady of Raynham Hall

[GT323] Ethnomite Pux/Junpei Makuuchi - Song to Japan

[GT324] П/Н - Electro

[GT325] postmeshische - German Lesson

[GT326] Evert Jan Smink - Autumn (Leaves compost version)

[GT327] 8исок - Сифилис Неба

[GT328] Strawberry Acid - Grey Skies

[GT329] Больные Эйчины - Коллапс

[GT330] Default Artist - July 2011

[GT331] Ploof - Borrowed Shoes

[GT332] Муцин - Очищение Головы От Мозга

[GT333] Виктор Эйчин - Ты Живёшь В Красивом Краю!

[GT334] Hollywood Video Game Killbot vrs Ethnomite Pux - Poor Boy Blues

[GT335] Strawberry Acid - Loss Gloss

[GT336] Mystified - Stress Test

[GT337] Sjukstad - fruktansvärd tomhet mörkrum

[GT338] Bitch Boy vrs Bitch Daddy

[GT339] Ethnomite Pux - Romany

[GT340] Intracranial Penetration - N/S/N-M

[GT341] Toshiyuki Hiraoka / Sound of Silence / Ethnomite Pux / Zabel Yong - Asia

[GT342] microbit project - 7th glitcher

[GT343] Shepherds of The Anus Pt2: Beasts of Burden

[GT344] Gastersgas - Urinatron

[GT345] Astral & Shit - Pavor Nocturnus

[GT346] DC Offset - Remixes (Reedit)

[GT347] default artist - Untitled

[GT348] microbit project - nanoizer

[GT349] Gastersgas - B.are D.irty S.luts M.iracle

[GT350] Lunar Blood - tristitia et moerore

[GT351] Strangled Voice - Beauty of Decay

[GT352] mhz_ - A Short Tribute To MIDI-Grind

[GT353] mhz_ - A Short Tribute To MIDI-Grind: Live For Distorted Phone

[GT354] Blockhead's Guts / DHNW - Split

[GT355] hockobcovelc - мясо

[GT356] x-zlif - 2010

[GT357] MushroomWavved Collar / Thirst for Consumption - Split

[GT358] [dying:dust] - anæsthetica anesthesia determines existence

[GT359] Halalnihil - First Malfunction Experience

[GT360] Sunshine Dust / [dying:dust] - LEIBNM

[GT361] Consistency Nature - A More Discreet Commedia Dell'Arte

[GT362] inanition - you are hated for what you have done

[GT363] mhz_ - ++ Funeral Noize ++

[GT364] hockobcovelc - Dvina

[GT365] [dying:dust] - when the experiment gets out of control (live collection 09-11)


[GT367] Default artist - Tymoshenko demonstrations 09/10-2011

[GT368] П/Н - 30 Tage

[GT369] Vlad Shegal - Death of divers

[GT370] Boxing Day Special

[GT371] deafness - Never Stop The Madness

[GT372] Vlad Shegal, Dick Tracy VS, Gonorrheal Pussydick, Razxca - 4-Way Split

[GT373] The Rogue Sources - Honey

[GT374] Christoph Blocher Orchester - Lieder zur Abwahl

[GT375] Suooort - Demo I

[GT376] The Bear's Voice - Condemned To Live

[GT377] Постачальник Маразма - Капец

[GT378] Иисус Больной - Всё, Что Я Видел - Говно И Гниль!

[GT379] Vziel Projet - Blood on the Floor 2

[GT380] deafness - personal vioence

[GT381] 4.09 - Hydrophobia

[GT382] Alex Ischenkau - Dead

[GT383] liquid music project - 14

[GT384] Больные Эйчины - Дирижабль с бездарем и ромбом за управлением клюнула мёртвая пташка, и его, в падении заметив, простреливал Настоящий Солдат

[GT385] Sjukstad - Svart

[GT386] mhz_ - 117 Old Tracks That No One Haven't Heard Before

[GT387] Vlad Shegal, Thirst for Consumption - Split

[GT388] deafness - Purple Moon

[GT389] Did Moroz - The Year of Did Moroz2011

[GT390] Fandorin Projet 2

[GT391] mhz_ - Mood-Hop Demos 2011.01-2011.06 (Let Them Live)

[GT392] Vlad Shegal/Три Мёртвые Собаки - Noises of Twien Peaks

[GT393] deafness - forgotten stars

[GT394] Steam flow - Empty city

[GT395] Zombiehunter - This World Shall Be Burned

[GT396] Painburn - Synaesthesia Killer

[GT397] deafness - Hallucinations

[GT398] Darvoza / Vlad Shegal - Hakikat

[GT399] OOPB - 18.12.2010

[GT400] TrashnoiseR - Genetic Trance Re-edit

[GT401] Vziel - Resume 2012

[GT402] mhz_ - You Are Dead, Bitch

[GT403] deafness - Twister

[GT404] Skverna - Bonan Apetiton

[GT405] Seventeen Red - Everywhere Ever Forever

[GT406] Lord of Speed vs DJ Kaos - Split

[GT407] SiJ & Ravcan - Uzlöpѣ!

[GT408] OOPB - exfailure

anæsthetica anesthesia determines


[GT409] Vlad Shegal / deafness - Split


[GT411] Птомаин - Надежды нет

[GT412] Fractured Persona - Penetrated There And Rot

[GT413] My Failure - Failure

[GT414] Antelikteram - Magnitudo

[GT415] deafness - Old Ghosts

[GT416] mhz_ - Abstract1_30Jun012

[GT417] MxBxCx - ...tries Spoken Word

[GT418] Willowbrook - Hostis Humanis Generis

[GT419] Saflin - [ ]

[GT420] deafness - Victim

[GT421] Steam Flow - Her Face From The Tombstone

[GT422] Наугольник - Экзотическая страсть

[GT423] Disgorged Faeces - Contamination I

[GT424] nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnoskovsoļegs - m(8ghjc

[GT425] Sleep Column - Wall Rack

[GT426] deafness - Hallucinations II

[GT427] Pure Camomile Jam - Pure Camomile Jam

[GT428] Pollux - Visual 8

[GT429] mhz_ - Three Post-Modern Miniatures Played By A 21kHz Sine And Ultrasonic Noise Sample, Then Edited

[GT430] mhz_ - 08-02-2012

[GT431] Benzine Squad - The Number

[GT432] deafness - Murder

[GT433] Consistency Nature - Moving

[GT434] [dying:dust] - Sudden Flash of New Conception

[GT435] Sjukstad - Homecoming

[GT436] INT. PEN. - Last day of autumn

[GT437] Steam flow - Personality Disorder

[GT438] deafness - Joyless And Self-Mutilation

[GT439] F.A.N.T.A.S.T - Singularity

[GT440] mhz_ - Resume 2012 by Vziel Remixed

[GT441] mhz_ - 26-03-2012

[GT442] RxMxAx & deafness - War Tomorrow

[GT443] RxMxAx & Failure - Expedition To Heavens

[GT444] Steam flow - Despondency

[GT445] deafness - 32 teeth

[GT446] Andromeda - Acoustics among stars

[GT447] mhz_ - Noise In Absence

[GT448] mhz_ - 30-03-2012

[GT449] mhz_ - Rewke

[GT450] Field Experience

[GT451] deafness - Coal

[GT452] Nihilistic Delusion - Obsidian

[GT453] Morbid Silence / Radio Noiseville / RMSS Systems Inc. - Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant

[GT454] Yozef▼K - Kafka's first MPC

[GT455] Vlad Shegal / defaness - Splits Compilation [II-X]

[GT456] The Vile Demonic Face - Vile Space


[GT458] Steam Flow - With Trains And Bones

[GT459] Anchore State - Changes of life EP

[GT480] Failure - EP

[GT481] Капитализм в Холодильнике - Rooftop Agression (live)

[GT482] Vlad Shegal, Vziel Projet, CureNoise, NiTo, Thirst for Consumption, GanglionCyst, К.С.И.Х., Мясо Снегиря, Анал Канта, Постмешище - 10-way Split

[GT483] Drumsynth - Moving to the Sun

[GT484] deafness - Solitary And Arrogant

[GT485] Shore Aust - Demo

[GT486] Fractured Persona - A Lame Piece Of Gray Thoughts

[GT487] Красота - Говорящие Гвозди

[GT488] A-Zet / Beso / Timsi / CureNoise / deafness / DTMM / M.F.C. / Nihilistic Delusion / NiTo / Putler / Rotten Distortion / ShitNoise / Maryam / Toxic Resurrection / Vlad Shegal / Vziel Projet / Анал Канта / Больные Эйчины / Гозон / К.С.И.Х. / Конньебал Козс / Маца Тсоя / Муцин / О.П.З. / СРАКА / Трамвай Не Прощает Ошибок / Хамер - My crazy silver sky (vol. 1)

[GT489] deafness - MI

[GT490] Nihilistic Delusion - Rotten World

[GT491] Steam flow - Paradox

[GT492] Кривые Второго Порядка - Judged by People single

[GT493] Mikhail Lezin - Oxytone

[GT494] deafness - MII

[GT495] [dying:dust] - Lethal Overload

[GT496] Consistency Nature - glutton

[GT497] Steam flow - Emotional Isolation

[GT498] Cacti Curator - Railroad Downshifting

[GT499] Чингиль - На Льва Толстого Десять

[GT500] Genetic Trance - Remixes

[GT501] Nihilistic Delusion & biomorph - Sublimation of the mind

[GT502] Disgorged Faeces - Contamination II
[GT503] deafness - Hallucinations III
[GT504] Sjukstad - Natten av Mardrömmar
[GT505] 10Konekt - Epizod EP
[GT506] mhz_ & VOICE_02.726 - 3
[GT507] deafness - Book Of Satan
[GT508] F.A.N.T.A.S.T - Solaris
[GT509] Vlad Shegal / Failure - Split
[GT510] CureNoise / M.F.C. / NiTo / Rotten Distortion / Shine Lethargy / Toxic Resurrection / Vlad Shegal / Анал Канта / К.С.И.Х. / Конньебал Козс / Маца Тсоя / СРАКА / Хамер - My crazy silver sky (vol. 2)
[GT511] Steam flow - Commonness
[GT512] Anchore State - Don't take it too serious
[GT513] deafness - Unidentified Flying Object
[GT514] n0i5eof7herose - 120 track radio mix 2012
[GT515] Vziel Projet / MyDuck666 / Ltoamabash / Lucifug - Split
[GT516] Chain Flail Debarker / Failure - Split
[GT517] Nihilistic Delusion - Chains
[GT518] Dying Fish Fetish - M((()))((()))N
[GT519] RxMxAx - I am bird
[GT520] deafness - MIII
[GT521] Dick Tracy VS - Seven Years Ago I Was a HNW Star
[GT522] Yura Gorodezkii - Primitivision
[GT523] Obsolète Broadcast Système - Mediatic State
[GT524] Землябрат - Малая Бездна
[GT525] W!DE Re:Ceiver ‎- Pigger Dhelps
[GT526] mhz_ - CD
[GT527] Steam flow / deafness - McGee'€™s Alice
[GT528] Наугольник - Созвездие Наугольника
[GT529] Наугольник - Аэлита
[GT530] Наугольник - Иные...
[GT531] Наугольник - Люди как боги
[GT532] Наугольник - Отражение
[GT533] Nihilistic Delusion - Caution
[GT534] mhz_ - C-46
[GT535] TETSURO - Lost All Data...
[GT536] Maelstrom - The Passage
[GT537] Failure / Clownville FM / Jeno / Loorii / Decadaencea - 5-Way Split
[GT538] Lameonim - Days And Nights In Canvas, Part I
[GT539] mhz_ - dataVHS
[GT540] Steam flow - Krummavisur
[GT541] deafness - Self-Destructive Impulses
[GT542] Saflin - Reality reflection
[GT543] [dying:dust] - HYS: dying days [hysterical live]
[GT544] mhz_ - book and quill
[GT545] Larmes De Couteau - Sing & Sleep. Part 1: Lonesome February Travel
[GT546] Vdaqzad madagnl dajadef - PianoImp2010 Rmxed
[GT547] ◄SηΔRκ► - Psilocybin Dream
[GT548] Beira / M. Anne Quinn / PL433 - Fishercat
[GT549] CureNoise / NiTo / Shine Lethargy / The LTP / Vengeance / Vlad Shegal / Анал Канта / К.С.И.Х. / Потс / СРАКА / Хамер€ - My crazy silver sky (vol. 3)
[GT550] Дым до Дна - Новый год и любимый папаша
[GT551] Nihilistic Delusion - Rust and Smoke
[GT552] deafness - Dream Space
[GT553] mhz_/fa - Anti-Torchism LP
[GT554] Avs_Silvester - Periodic Table of Sounds, p.1-2
[GT555] Tetsuro - Erotic Grotesque Nonsens
[GT556] Струп - Ваши дети ненавидят вас
[GT557] Струп - Масканимация
[GT558] Струп - Приют
[GT559] Струп - Убийцы снов
[GT560] Кислотно-щелочной банан - Эй, отец! Ты тут еще долго будешь сидеть?
[GT561] Steam flow - Darkness Arrive
[GT562] deafness - Chaos
[GT563] deafness - Evil Girl
[GT564] senselessness - calm
[GT565] The Dark Electronic Poets - EP
[GT566] My Failure & Jeno - Minimal Noise Split
[GT567] Avs_Silvester - Periodic Table of Sounds, p.3
[GT568] System Essence - Nothing Remain
[GT569] senselessness - amorph
[GT570] Radiomaniac - 1st Transmission
[GT571] Coming Storm - Lethargy
[GT572] Nihilistic Delusion / Failure - Split
[GT573] mhz_ - winter potatum
[GT574] Without Pants Blues Band - We fail miserably, but we don't care, since we are still lonely
[GT575] deafness - Invisible Reflexion
[GT576] TETSURO - Domestic Violence
[GT577] Noisesurfer - Rain Tear Drops
[GT578] senselessness - camp
[GT579] microbit project - R24MP12-13-10
[GT580] Radiomaniac - 2nd Transmission
[GT581] Дм.Пиздатый & Влад Шегал - Духовные скрепы
[GT582] Avs_Silvester - Periodic Table of Sounds, p.4
[GT583] Steam flow - Tranquility and Seclusion
[GT584] Steam flow - Winter Night
[GT585] VA - Fandorin is dead
[GT586] Виктор Одоевский – Маленькая смерть
[GT587] Виктор Одоевский – PEACEDEATH
[GT588] Bredbery - Тля
[GT589] Vi-Fi - Honkey-Tonk
[GT590] Харбкраст - Я Ничего Не Знаю О Своей Жизни
[GT591] Nebula VII & Memories Of The Past - Astral Sea
[GT592] Cyanide Bastard - Beauty of the world through the lens of alienation...
[GT593] [dying:dust] - TES 3
[GT594] Pollux / Razxca - Split
[GT595] Pio D'Orco - Il primo disco del Maestro della Italo Disco che poi si è dato all'Hard Style (1985 - 2012)
[GT596] deafness - MIV
[GT597] Yura Volkov - my tape recorder is broken
[GT598] The Hairy Giant – Poignant EP
[GT599] Cyanide Bastard – Flight To Nowhere