[GT601] Андрей Субботин - Святой Демон
[GT602] Vi-Fi – Return of the Hero in the Destroying Country
[GT603] Suooort – In Hell
[GT604] C.R.X – Fatal system error
[GT605] Pictures – Same EP
[GT606] Jjoth – Sakyra

[GT608] Vi-Fi – Мы обещаем!

[GT609] Смерть захватчикам овощебазы в Бирюлёво (various artists)

[GT610] MyDuck666 / Гозон / Intraurrethral Scolopendra / Red Borsch / Sperm For Your Face – Disgrace The Corpse Of Ded Moroz [split]

[GT611] Radiomaniac — Antenna Theory

[GT612] Radiomaniac — Syndrome

[GT613] Теперь питание компьютера можно отключить — Демо 2.1

[GT614] Taburetka Projet — Носки мне яд подсыпали / Сопли

[GT615] Taburetka Projet — At Gt

[GT616] x-zlif — Diary (2011-2015)

[GT617] [dying:dust] — [lying:lust]

[GT618] [T]Err0r 0f Nature — Hell Industry

[GT619] Failure — Young And Naive EP

[GT620] Noise Jihad — Нашите Корени

[GT621] КNЛК / Dimitri Clorto — Split

[GT622] Zlata Kaufmane — demo0001

[GT623] Мхи Вседорожья — В Его пиздлявом замке

[GT624] Various — AURA / THE NIGHTHAWK

[GT625] Oke Proquin — Drew Ptpp

[GT626] Oke Proquin — Nisks

[GT627] ЖЫ — VOL. 2

[GT628] TETSURO — Genetic Disco

[GT629] Menok — По Ту Сторону

[GT630] murderbenis — Vaults: Volume1

[GT631] Dj Жёстик и пацаны — Дискография

[GT632] Failure — Распад Сознания, Случай 2

[GT633] ファイナル 3 — アストラエア

[GT634] Surrogate Sigma — Slaves, Swines, Sinners

[GT635] Surrogate Sigma — Puma

[GT636] Surrogate Sigma & Erections — Gaunt Buddha

[GT637] Tetsuro — Endless Rose Garden

[GT638] Surrogate Sigma — No Soap In NaUKMA

[GT639] Setnus / Somewhere At The Edge Of Our Universe — Split Space

[GT640] Tiholaz — Голос 121

[GT641] Genetic Trance — Tapperhed Og Elendighed

[GT642] Genetic Trance — Tracks

[GT643] Female Rapist — Mazahistka

[GT644] Merzlux — Talita & Conrad, Amabella & Dion

[GT645] Курица Имени Ленинского Комсомола — 3

[GT646] Merzlux — Atmalingamation

[GT647] Arissa Franklin — Arissa Franklin's Sexual Experiences

[GT648] Sleep Column — Faceless

[GT649] Ivan Sandakov — Eating & Corroded Worms

[GT650] Genetic Trance — Hey There EP

[GT651] Surrogate Sigma — Happiness

[GT652] Surrogate Sigma — Go To Work

[GT653] KSNO projekt — yellow

[GT654] [dying:dust] — Nervous Coitus (mixes compilation)

[GT655] Genetic Trance — Dec 15 EP

[GT656] Genetic Trance — μα

[GT657] While Walking In The Highest Depths Of Celestial Nothingness I Suddenly Realized The Existence Of Mortal Intraception… Even Thought Is Material; We Are Surrounded By Energy; Every Action, Seen Or Unseen Is Attended By A Stream Of Energy; Energy Is Material; There Is A Great Energy Accumulation Centre; This Knowledge Was Given To The First People, But Then Lost; Now People Call It “God”; “God” Is The Only Beginning Of All Existence; Everything Begins With Energy… Hold My Hand, Feel The Pulse Of My Life, Follow Me, I Am Reaching The Highest Depths Of Celestial Nothingness… A Body; What Runs This Perfect Biological Mechanism? Energy; It Can Be Also Called “Soul”; When The Body Is Dead, “Soul”, Which Is The Sense Of Consciousness, Starts The Journey In The Energy Dimensions; It Can Give Another Birth… After That Everything Became Inverted, I Looked At Myself From Different Side; My Prayers Became Paths Of Energetic Connections — 12 Hundred Thousand Mysteries Were Released Into My Consciousness When All Of A Sudden I Realised The Existence Of A Sub-Realm That Led Me To The Ways Of Non-Ecstatic Concentration

[GT658] Tiholaz — \ ... красота мира сон {○_○} но хороший он ... /

[GT659] KSNO projekt — yellow bonus tracks

[GT660] Vziel Projet — New Trader in the Store

[GT661] Культурный Mensch — The Outsider Riviera

[GT662] Tetsuro — One Vigintillion(10^63) Songs

[GT663] Vziel Projet — Ultraface

[GT664] Jesus Christ Purple Ball — Lvo

[GT665] Jesus Christ Purple Ball — Vkarpen

[GT666] Snap — Моя Жызнь

[GT667] репер а — друзья и их совмески

[GT668] Fecaloids — Передозировка Пространственной Реальности В Структуре Глобальной Кунилизации

[GT669] Vziel Projet — Cancer Paradigm

[GT670] Deformed Skeletal Touch — Lucid Amnesia Forest

[GT671] Vziel Projet — Thanks

[GT672] Vziel Projet — Juisidnip

[GT673] Mutabor — Two Coffies for Breakfast

[GT674] Vziel Projet — Death ov thee Stranger

[GT675] Vziel Projet — Fact_s0p4nJkyetKM

[GT676] Vziel Projet — Trassova

[GT677] Vziel Projet — Zoloft Maniac

[GT678] Shine Lethargy & Suicide Whore — 2001

[GT679] Failure & Shine Lethargy — split (2016)

[GT680] Это гавнич — Треки

[GT681] Merzlux — Ambient

[GT682] Vziel Projet — Picnic of Love, a tribute to Anal Cunt

[GT683] xldm49p1nx — Life For Thiefs

[GT684] M↯Z — Deep Web

[GT685] Genetic Trance — Sacred Ad

[GT686] Merzlux — The Ringtones

[GT687] Project Zero with Shvao —Manager of the moon

[GT688] Vziel Projet — హోమ్

[GT689] Arissa Franklin — With J̲e̲s̲s̲i̲c̲a̲_A̲l̲b̲a̲ Many Styles (e.g. Faces) Dark Angel Max Guevara (X5-452) Could Easily Be a Cat Burglar Chameleon

[GT690] AIC — 2016 Lahore Suicide Bombing

[GT691] Starving for Seven — Lounge Tuxedo

[GT692] 死者の餌 & RNSB

[GT693] Thrust Pomp — Feminist

[GT694] Acid Fuck — Pleasure From Plague

[GT695] DJ Florian — Simulacra / Summer Night

[GT696] DJ Florian — Another Dream / I Love It

[GT697] Various — Имбирный чай

[GT698] NAKATEEM — Pendejo de Thessaloniki

[GT699] ЖЫ — ЫЖ

[GT700] Vziel Projet — Risperidone Depression

[GT701] PETRO VIALOVI — Рудик! / Чудак

[GT702] Surrogate Sigma — Crap 16-04-12

[GT703] Анорексия в ГДР — Zoung Europa

[GT704] Reier — Antimatter

[GT705] Культурный Mensch — The Great Nothing

[GT706] Кровавая Соска & Это гавнич - The Taste of Excellence

[GT707] П/Н — Добрым некуда добреть

[GT708] Surrogate Sigma — Appliances / Green Day (download / preview)

[GT709] Various — Viral Experiments in Social Media (download / preview)

[GT711] Echo A Mano — Sventojo Kalno

[GT712] Я 2 — Импровизация
[GT713] Various — Импровизации

[GT714] Ypopo — Debiloider

[GT715] Zubotripobabotuponipomutogutosutoputocutolutozutorutomutogutovuto — Baab Baobab

[GT716] Various — Нормальный

[GT718] Zurien — Jazz 557

[GT719] Zweider Zimmermans — Hier & Jetzt

[GT720] Surrogate Sigma — Chain / Smoke (download / preview)


[GT722] vziel projet — roza vetrov (download / preview)

[GT723] Проект: Голем — Неизданное, том 1 (download / preview)

[GT724] Various Franklins (download / preview)

[GT725] Vziel Projet — Cool Album (download / preview)

[GT726] Bumburum — 𝔘𝔬𝔯𝔳𝔱𝔯𝔞𝔩𝔡 𝔛𝔞𝔥𝔞𝔱𝔠𝔞𝔱𝔩𝔦 (download / preview)

[GT727] Vziel Projet — Library Music for Black Metal Intros (download / preview)

[GT728] Vziel Projet — Ночное дежурство (download / preview)

[GT729] Various Franklins, 2 (download / preview)

[GT730] Various Franklins, 3 (download / preview)

[GT731] Various Franklins, 4 (download / preview)

[GT732] Unicode Dreamer — Wand (download / preview)

[GT733] Arissa Franklin — I Remember Doing Fifteen Things I Know I Never Did (download / preview)

[GT734] Arissa Franklin — “My First Album” (download / preview)

[GT735] Vziel Projet — Opera (download / preview)

[GT736] Vziel Projet — Opera 2 (download / preview)

[GT737] mhzesent — Snarling Rights (download / preview)

[GT738] Геннадий Горин — Архив (Internet Archive / VK)

[GT739] Surrogate sigma — DeevaGarius constructa (Symbol s5t, lake)) (Internet Archive / VK)

[GT740] Ex Continent — Proporcionalidad (VK)

[GT741] Merzlux — Milk Adulteration (Internet Archive / VK)

[GT742] Surrogate Sigma — Did You Touch Anything Today? (VK)

[GT743] Son Of Tomorrow — Дом Фавна (VK)

[GT744] Surrogate Sigma — Of dirt and superstition (VK)

[GT745] Black Boss — Black Box (VK)

[GT746] Entering Opening — Rain Drop (Clean) (VK)

[GT747] котожорина - три тысячи талантов (VK)

[GT748] Surrogate sigma — Coral subversion (VK)

[GT749] Vziel Projet — Strange Diet — Tin for the Particle — Chlorhexidine — Sequoia — Mould Pellet


[GT750] Dust 60 & A. Uvarov — Dreaming (VK)

[GT751] Vziel Projet — 10 00.230 (2017 XI 11) (VK)

[GT752] Surrogate sigma — New type ambience (VK)

[GT753] DJ CANVAS — SESSION 2017 11 30 (VK)

Further releases are available at the label’s Bandcamp page or VK page.